2014 IRS Tax Tables

The 2014 IRS publication 17 “Your Federal Income Tax For Individuals” provides the latest IRS tax tables for tax year 2014 on page 250 of the document. Publication 17 is a comprehensive publication which provides insights for filing your individual federal income tax. We have also provided the tax brackets and rates here which are more for informational purposes. Our “2013 Federal Taxes” page provides additional insights on filing your annual federal taxes and is our most comprehensive page. We recommend using the tax tables rather than the tax brackets to accurately estimate the amount of taxes owed.

The images (a full size image will show when the thumbnail is clicked) provided below show how the IRS tax tables look like. Depending how you plan to file your taxes (Single, Married filing jointly, Married filing separately, and Head of Household), the tax table will provide the taxpayer with the amount of tax for 2014 based on their taxable income. The tax tables are roughly 11 pages long and will provide tax amounts for taxable income between $0-$100,000. If the taxable income is over $100,000 the publication recommends using the tax computation worksheet which is provides on page 262.

The 2014 tax tables are provided below. The IRS provides a separate document which can be downloaded here which provides just the tax tables.

2014 Tax Table Page 12014 Tax Table Page 22014 Tax Table Page 32014 Tax Table Page 52014 Tax Table Page 52014 Tax Table Page 6 2014 Tax Table Page 72014 Tax Table Page 82014 Tax Table Page 92014 Tax Table Page 102014 Tax Table Page 112014 Tax Table Page 122014 Tax Table Page 13

2013 Tax Tables:

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